Double-Wide Mini-Blotter
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Double-Wide Mini-Blotter

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Temperature controlled Blotting System for Double-Wide Mini-Gels

• Provides the capability of transferring 2 gels simultaneously under identical temperature controlled buffer conditions

• Fits 2 each 20cm x 10 cm gels. 16cm high Double-Wide gels must be run in the EBU-102 Blotter (detailed description on page 38).

• Internal cooling


Western Blotting, Southern Blotting and Northern Blotting

Double-Wide Mini-Blotting System, 2-place


Complete System:

• Buffer chamber with room for spin bar beneath cassettes and internal cooling base for temperature controlled runs

• 2 platinum electrode panels

• 1 blotting cassette with 2 sponge pads (Cat. # EBC-402)

• Safety cover with power 

• Tubing adapters