Dedicated Height Sequencers
Dedicated Height Sequencers
Dedicated Height Sequencers
Dedicated Height Sequencers
CBS Scientific

Dedicated Height Sequencers

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Single or Dual Sequencers offered in 2 widths

C.B.S. Scientific’s Dedicated Height Sequencers are available in two widths, 20cm or 33cm and a height of 42cm. These sequencers feature safety-interlocking lids, detachable upper and lower reservoirs, and a built-in epoxy-coated aluminum heat dispersion plate. A clear acrylic bar clamp is provided with each unit. Additional accessory choices are available to accommodate Large Format Protein Gel applications.

C.B.S. Scientific’s Dual Dedicated Height Sequencer has all of the convenience and safety features of our Dedicated Height Sequencer, but you can run twice as many samples using less buffer and the amount of valuable bench space. The Dual Dedicated height Sequencer is available in 20cm and 33cm widths and with height capabilities up to 42cm. A rotating base allows the unit to rotate 180º, providing easy access to either side. The upper reservoir is divided in half, allowing the researcher to run identical or independent buffer conditions on either side. This sequencer features 2 bar clamps, 2 built in, spring-mounted, epoxy-coated aluminum cooling plates, safety interlocking leads and independent detachable lower buffer reservoirs.

Single Dedicated Height Sequencers



Complete System:

• Single vertical electrophoresis cell with built-in epoxy-coated, spring mounted aluminum cooling plate, interlocking safety covers and power leads

• Bar clamp

• Safety covers with attached leads

• Leak proof silicone gasket on upper reservoir

• Platinum electrodes

• Leveling base with bubble level

• 1 comb

• 1 set glass plates

• 1 set of spacers


Dual Dedicated Height Sequencers

DDH-400-20, DDH-400-33

Complete System:

• Dual vertical electrophoresis cell with 2 built-in epoxy-coated, spring mounted aluminum cooling plates, divided upper reservoir, and rotating leveling base with bubble level

• 2 Bar clamps

• Safety covers with power leads

• Leak proof silicone gasket on upper reservoir to which the glass plates are clamped

• Platinum electrodes

• Divided upper reservoir

• 2 combs

• 2 sets glass plates

• 2 sets of spacers

• 1 bottle of Gel Repel™

• 1 roll gel sealing tape

• 2 wedge plate separators

• White spring clamps

• Buffer drainage ports