Continuously Adjustable Horizontal Gel Caster
CBS Scientific

Continuously Adjustable Horizontal Gel Caster

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The Continuously Adjustable Horizontal Gel Casters fit a wide range of gel trays and are easy to use. All C.B.S. Scientific gel trays are accommodated by at least one of the 3 sizes offered. These versatile casters can also be used to fit any other vendors gel trays within the limits of each size. The gel tray is sandwiched between 2 rubber gaskets using an adjustable gate that can be locked into place using a finger cam. Multiple gel trays can also be cast simultaneously side by side in this system. A convenient cutout on the base can be used to carry the caster or to hang it when not in use.

Continuously Adjustable Gel Casters

AGCT-16520, AGCT-21826, AGCT-27940

Complete System

• Adjustable caster with leveling base and cut-out for handling    and storage

  2 rubber gaskets

  Replacement gaskets, set of 2

  Single (AGCT-16520) or dual (AGCT-21826 or AGCT-27940) finger cams