Triple Wide Mini Vertical, Dual
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Triple Wide Mini Vertical, Dual

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High-Throughput Mini-Gel screens up to 204 samples simultaneously


 These Dual Units are available in 2 gel sizes: 33cm (w) x 10cm (h) with matching Blotter EBU-302 or 33cm(w) x 16cm(h) with matching Blotter EBU-362.

33cm wide systems are ideal for electrophoretic separations of a large number of samples that require a relatively short pathlength for resolution.

Internal cooling chamber in dual units provides precise temperature control.

For easy identification the thickness and catalog # are printed on all combs and spacers.

The MGV-202-33 & MGV-216-33 are specifically designed for the mass screening of up to 204 samples simultaneously. These systems can be used for fluorescence based assays whose images can be captured on a scanner directly through optional borosilicate glass plate sets. The 102 well microtitre-compatible comb is designed to run 96 samples plus controls on each side so that results from 2 microtitre plates cans be analyzed simultaneously.


Triple-Wide Mini-Verticals, Dual

MGV-202-33, MGV-216-33

Complete System:

Electrophoresis cell with cooling chamber and coolant recirculation ports

Platinum electrodes

Long-lasting silicone gaskets

Safety cover with power leads (power leads cat. # PLMF-048T)

White spring clamps (GPC-0001 and GPC-0002)

2 combs, 0.75mm thick x 31 teeth (Cat. # MG33-0731)

2 sets of Gel Wrap® spacers (0.75mm)

2 sets of Gel Wrap® glass plates

2 lengths of Gel Wrap® gasket

Conversion plate for running one gel at a time (Cat. # MGV-33-CP)