CBS "Lite" Vertical Systems
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CBS "Lite" Vertical Systems

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Economical and easy to use with a choice of 4 heights


  • Single Slab Gel Systems are available in 4 heights: 14.5cm, 16cm, 22cm and 28cm.
  • C.B.S. Lite System has a cut-out upright for air cooling
  • Glass plates to fit the 3 sizes offered are 16.5cm(w) with heights of: 14.5cm, 16cm, 22cm or 28cm and can be ordered with a low fluorescent borosilicate back plate. Ideal for fluorescence based assays
  • Spacer sets are offered in thicknesses of 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm. 


SDS PAGE, Native PAGE and Nucleic Acid PAGE

Complete System:

  • Vertical electrophoresis cell with leveling base and bubble level
  • Safety covers and power leads
  • Leak proof silicone gasket on upper reservoir to which the glass plates are clamped
  • Platinum electrodes
  • 1 comb (Cat. # VGC-1520), 1.5mm thick x 20 teeth) 
  • 1 set of Gel Wrap® glass plates
  • 1 set of Gel Wrap® spacers (1.5mm thick)
  • 1 Gel Wrap® gasket for gel casting
  • White spring clamps (Cat. # GPC-0001 and GPC0002)