Econo-Sub Productivity Package
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Econo-Sub Productivity Package

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• Platinum electrode cassettes provide rapid sample velocity and clear focused bands without smiling. These cassettes are easily removed for for cleaning or replacement.

• High quality, heavy duty construction with vast array of accessory options.

• Four sizes of Econo-Sub Productivity Packages are offered with the following gel bed sizes:

14cm(w) x 20cm(l)

20cm(w) x 20cm(l)

20cm(w) x 30cm(l)

20cm(w) x 40cm(l)

Gel Tray Specifications:

  1. All gel trays are winged for easy handling -- no more sticking fingers into slippery buffer to extract gel tray.
  2. Made from sturdy 6.4mm thick UV transparent acrylic.
  3. Grooves in gel tray corners create agarose anchors to prevent gel flotation during electrophoresis.
  4. Gel tray configuration allows single run or multiple simultaneous short runs.

• 2 options for gel casting

• Adjustable height polycarbonate combs are available in many configurations, with or without markers. 

• Buffer recirculation ports allow maintenance of uniform pH and ionic strength and reduce frequency of buffer changes necessary during long runs.

• Tight-fitting safety cover reduces condensation during electrophoresis.

• Coolant can be recirculated beneath gel bed to provide constant temperature runs.

• Combs are printed with catalog # and thickness for easy identification.