Semi-Dry Blotter
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Semi-Dry Blotter

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•  The Transfer area dimensions: 20cm x 20cm

•  The stainless steel cathode and platinum-coated titanium anode transfer gels reliably and quickly and are durable and corrosion-free.

•  The upper electrode housing is separate from the base allowing it to be secured with hand screws at the desired height. This unique design feature enables several gels to be stacked and transferred simultaneously.

•  The electrodes create a uniform electric field producing excellent transfers onto nitrocellulose, supported nitrocellulose, nylon, charged nylon or activated paper substrates.

•  Blotting is accomplished by layering transfer membrane and gel between buffer saturated blotting paper, minimizing the amount of buffer required.

•  To prevent drawing current away from the gel during a transfer, the uncovered portion of the cathode is shielded with a Mylar®* mask. This shield insures that all applied current passes directly through the gel. Use of the mask will increase transfer efficiency and reduce transfer times up to 50%.


Semi-Dry Blotting Systems   


Complete System:

Chamber with stainless steel cathode and platinum-coated titanium anode

Interlocking power leads with safety-tips 

Mylar mask sheets (Cat. # MM-4001)