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Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

Find a vertical electrophoresis system for your laboratory in a range of sizes and styles. Choose from mini, standard, large-format, high-throughput (Mega Gel), and tube gel electrophoresis equipment that lets your team conduct research with the highest level of accuracy. Customized options allow your electrophoresis equipment to be personalized according to your research needs. Specify the height of your glass plates and spacers, as well as the thickness and number of wells for your comb.

A variety of precast gels can be run on our mini-vertical gel electrophoresis equipment. For the maximum in functionality and flexibility, our vertical electrophoresis equipment and accessories can completely outfit your lab with the tools you need for protein separation and identification methods. Our selection of vertical electrophoresis system options allows you to mass screen samples simultaneously, perform western blotting or SDS Page. Give your research a boost with the finest electrophoresis equipment available. Order your vertical electrophoresis system from today.

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