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Precast Gels & Accessories

Precast Gels from CBS Scientific provide outstanding resolution and a shelf life of two years so you can make the most out of your investment in precast gels. Each SDS page gel is strong, making handling easy while also facilitating sharp, clean, and straight bonds. Exceptional protein separations are made possible by a unique acrylamide polymer matrix. The gels can also be run quickly, with many available in 30 minutes.

Both our SDS page gels and Native/DNA gels are compatible with a number of leading brands and available in a range of different sizes. Extended well fingers reach above the top of the cassettes to prevent cross-contamination of samples. There are no combs or tape to remove shortening prep time. PrecastNative / DNA gels utilize a stacking system and are neutral pH, providing fast and accurate results. We also carry a fast one step stain,

InstantBlue™ allowing protein bands to be stained in only 10-30 minutes.

Detailed Description of Precast ClearPAGE Gels and Accessories

Detailed Description of InstantBlue Protein Stain

Precast PAGE Gels, 10cm x 15cm
These SDS Precast Gels fit in our Wide Dual Mini-Vertical units, DCX-800 and DCX-800C. 50% wider than standard mini-gels -allows increased sample volumes and increased number of wells.

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