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Maintaining consistent power levels in your laboratory ensures continuity of observation, safe working conditions, and protection from power surges to your electrophoresis equipment. Whether you need a high voltage electrophoresis power supply or mini-power supplies, we have everything you need to keep your research moving. Our EPS power supply units are programmable and provide 4 sets of output terminals, with timers and 300mA of constant voltage, ensuring you have the necessary power for any laboratory work.

Our mini electrophoresis power supply units are great for vertical and horizontal electrophoresis systems. Mini EPS power supply units are economical, compact and stackable, and use universal inputs that accept all domestic and international voltage options. Whether you’re buying a single unit for your existing electrophoresis equipment or an integrated blotting or electrophoresis system with power supply, we have all of the accessories you need to keep your lab functioning. Order your power supplies today from 

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