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New and Teaching Lab Promotions

These promotions for new or teaching labs helps place gel electrophoresis equipment into new hands. Where additional funds are difficult to come by in science budgets, our electrophoresis system promotions for teachers and new labs brings costs down and combines all of the necessary features you need to get your research into motion. Whether you are looking for a vertical or horizontal gel electrophoresis system, these packages include all of the essentials any working lab requires.

We offer gel electrophoresis equipment at excellent prices to new and teaching laboratories at discounted rates to promote the next era of scientific research. Our packages for vertical and horizontal gel electrophoresis system options allow you to get top-of-the-line equipment without breaking the bank. You can submit your wish list for your new lab today and receive significant savings. Call us at 858-755-4959 or send us a fax at 858-755-0733 today to receive a custom lab quote. Get your new and teaching lab electrophoresis system orders from today. 

Submit your new lab wish list for a quote today and receive substantial savings. Call our office at 858-755-4959 or fax us at 858-755-0733.

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