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Mutation Detection (DGGE, TTGE, & DTSK)

When you need to discover polymorphisms and mutations with the highest accuracy, our mutation detection systems are up to the task. Whether you’re looking for DGGE, TTGE, or DTSK systems, our selection of mutation detection equipment provides the functionality, versatility, and reliability your research demands. For mutation detection across the temperature spectrum, our electrophoresis units can be personalized to your voltage requirements, allowing you to custom build your lab equipment to suit your research.

Sensitive DGGE equipment detects single base changes and polymorphisms in genomic, PCR amplified, and cloned DNA. DGGE can also be used in determining the melting points for DNA fragments. Destabilize nucleic acid complexes with uniform solvent concentration, using either increasing or constant temperature gradients to achieve the desired isolation. Order the mutation detection electrophoresis equipment that will drive your research to new heights at

Cipher DTSK Electrophoresis System
Allows researcher to use 4 different methods to detect mutations and polymorphisms: SSCP, CDGE, DGGE, and TTGE.
Cipher DGGE Electrophoresis System
Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis
Cipher TTGE Electrophoresis System
Temporal Temperature Gradient Electrophoresis System
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Price: $15.00
0.75mm x 22cm Gel Wrap Gasket for DGGE System

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