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Upgrade and augment your lab equipment with our selection of audioradiography supplies, radiation safety equipment, and tissue culture chambers. From gradient makers to laboratory racks, we have the best equipment for your research requirements. Our bi-directional, self-priming mini peristaltic pump options give you variable speed control and other state-of-the-art features. The mini peristaltic pump is available in either 120V or 220V models and is excellent for any kind of gradient gel casting requiring a medium flow.

When speed is a critical factor for your autoradiography research, a Bio-Speed intensifying screen package is an ideal addition to your lab. For general radiography, an intensifying screen provides a chemically inert screen that provides fast and accurate results. We also carry a wide range of beta radiation safety equipment to protect your team from the harmful effects of invisible radioactivity. Incubation chamber shelves allow you to culture for a wide variety of applications in either an incubator or a warm room. Choose from either 3 or 6 shelf incubation models, along with pipet racks and vacuum protection systems. Order your lab equipment from today.

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