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Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems

Whether you’re progressing into a new area of research or upgrading your existing horizontal electrophoresis system, these electrophoresis units are second to none in identifying and separating RNA and DNA fragments. From standard to high-throughput systems, CBS Scientific produces electrophoresis equipment that many of the most respected scientific research labs and distributors depend upon. If you’re dealing with DNA, RNA, PCR products, or synthetic oligonucleotides, this gel electrophoresis equipment will make a significant impact on the accuracy of your research.

Personalize the thickness, configuration, and number of combs for your horizontal electrophoresis system, while also choosing color and other options on select models. Cast gels in situ or externally. With a number of customized options, bundle packages, and price points that accommodate all budgets, this DNA gel electrophoresis equipment is a perfect addition to any laboratory. Order your horizontal electrophoresis equipment from today.

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