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Electrophoresis Equipment

Known for quality electrophoresis equipment, C.B.S. Scientific provides both horizontal and vertical electrophoresis system options in a variety of configurations. Separate and identify your genomic or proteomic samples with professional-grade vertical and horizontal electrophoresis system packages. Specify the thickness and number of wells you require in your combs so your electrophoresis equipment will match your exact research needs.

With full vertical and horizontal electrophoresis system packages and bundles, you can equip your lab with all of the tools needed to carry out research at the highest level. Horizontal Productivity Packages allow you to cast a second DNA gel while the first is still running. Get all the gel trays, baffles, ports, combs, spacers, glass plates and other accessories you need to start using your horizontal or vertical electrophoresis system right out of the packaging. Also provided are a variety of options for different methods of gel casting. Order your electrophoresis equipment today from

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