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DNA Sequencers for Manual DNA Sequencing

The DNA sequencing process allows researchers to see connections, chart patterns, and establish relationships. A DNA sequencing machine identifies the base pairs in DNA, sorting and isolating the nucleotides to produce copies of the DNA strand. With both adjustable and dedicated height DNA sequencers available in a variety of sizes and configurations, we’re sure you can find a manual sequencer that matches your research demands. Dual or single units accommodate 20cm or 33cm widths with pathlengths of 20 cm up to 102 cm.

Run 2 DNA gels simultaneously under identical and independent buffer conditions so you can accurately gauge your results using the dual DNA Sequencers. DNA sequencer kits include sharktooth combs, glass plates, spacers, sealing tape, wedge plate separators, thermometer strips, a 1 oz bottle of Gel Repel, and 12 clamps. Get everything your lab needs to start sequencing DNA today at

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