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Western Blotting Systems

CBS Scientific provides western blotting system options in a range of styles, formats, and sizes to meet the challenges of any electrophoresis lab. Whether you’re searching for western blot equipment that can handle mini, standard, or large format gels types, CBS has the blotting options you need. Our systems are compatible with northern, southern, or western blotting, allowing your team to use a variety of approaches without having to switch equipment. The standard size Mini-Blotting System is also available with plate electrode option, see western blotting system EBU-204P,

Transfer multiple gels simultaneously with an electrophoretic western blotting system, available in a number of sizes to accommodate various DNA gels.  Our mini western blot equipment can accept up to 4 gel cassettes of various measurements. Quick, reliable, durable, and free from corrosion, our semi-dry western blot equipment also allows for multiple gels to be transferred at the same time. When it comes to blotting systems, has the professional units for your lab. Our fast blotting buffer, allows transfers to be completed in just 15 minutes. Order your western blotting systems and accessories today. 

Large Western Blotting System
Tank Blotters for Western, Southern and Northern blots. Largest unit fits gels up to 20cm (w) x 20cm (h). Available with platinum electrodes or plate electrodes.
Western Blotting System
Western Blotters for different sizes of mini-gels including Double-wide and Triple-wide blotters. Available with platinum or plate electrodes.
Semi-Dry Blotting Systems
Semi-Dry Blotting Systems for Western, Southern and Northern blots.

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