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3-D Flow Chamber Device

The 3-D Flow Chamber Device is a versatile and affordable tool for research laboratories focusing on drug development, stem cell biology, vascular biology, regenerative medicine, and autoimmunity. Practitioners of hematology, oncology, and inflammation studies will also find the Flow Chamber Device useful. For translational science, as well as preclinical drug development, screen and delivery, the 3-D Flow Chamber is the only in vitro technology of its kind.

This unique flow chamber is useful in a wide variety of applications including stem cell homing, vascular drug delivery, chemokine signaling, cellular adhesion, therapeutic development, and cell polarization. The 3-D Flow Chamber Device has also been used for transmigration, vasculature, tumor progression, and arteriosclerotic vascular disease studies. Additional uses for the unit include modeling the extravasation of circulating tumor cells, blood-brain barrier modeling, and cancer immunotherapy research. For unmatched cell polarization and stem cell homing capabilities, order the 3-D Flow Chamber Device from today.


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3-D Flow Chamber Device
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3-D Flow Chamber Device
3-D Flow Chamber Device with respirator. Many research applications including blood-brain barrier studies, cell migration, vascular permeability, and drug delivery via vascular route.

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